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Ortho-K contact lenses are worn at night when sleeping and have the ability to provide clear vision during the day without glasses or contact lenses. Ortho-K lenses are suited to people who are short-sighted (4.50D or less). The Ortho-K technology we use is only available from a handful of highly-skilled optometrists.

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Why choose Ortho-K lenses?

A smart alternative

Ortho-K contacts offer the same visual correction as laser surgery, without any invasive procedure. And unlike surgery, any changes to your vision can be reversed, as your eyes will always return to normal.

Freedom and Comfort

Not only do Ortho-K contacts provide visual freedom but comfort as well. With no contact lenses during the day your eyes can breathe and create moisture naturally. Ortho-K lenses in childhood can also be used to control the amount of short sightedness your child takes into adulthood.

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Great for children

They are also suitable for children, and can be fitted as soon as they are considered mature enough for contact lenses. Children as young as 5 are wearing Ortho-K contacts and enjoying a childhood free from glasses.

Parents can have total peace of mind – supervising the lens handling and sending them off to school knowing their vision is corrected all day long.

Great for Dry Eye patients

One of the most common problems that soft contact lens wearers can encounter is dryness and lens discomfort after a period of wear.

Overnight vision correction using ortho-K gives perfect lens-free vision during the day and it means you can avoid any problems associated with daytime contact lens wear.

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How Ortho-K lenses work

Being fitted with Ortho-K contact lenses is very similar to conventional lenses. Your optometrist uses a corneal topographer to take a scan of the eye, which is then used to design tailor-made contact lenses. Through a series of appointments, your optometrist will complete the fitting process and show you how to look after your lenses.

After the first night, your vision will already be partly corrected and over the next few days it will keep improving. In just one week your vision will be fully corrected and stable all day long. Once you are fitted with Ortho-K lenses, we suggest a return visit every 6 months for check-ups. You will also receive new lenses every year.

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The Advantages

-Clear daytime vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses.
-No surgical procedures needed
-Reversible process
-No hazy vision of similar post-laser-surgery conditions
-Modifiable as your eye conditions change
-Safe and well-understood technology

Orthokeratology is a safe alternative to laser eye surgery. Laser eye surgery can be expensive and complicated. This irreversible process can result in side effects such as hazy vision, dry eye syndrome, and a higher risk of cataracts.

Following laser surgery short sightedness can return after a period of time. Laser companies sometimes offer ‘retouch’ to try and eliminate the new prescription. Not everyone is keen on having laser again and further treatment cannot guarantee the eye remaining stable.

Fitting with Ortho k lenses has proven successful in correcting prescription changes after laser. A lens in one eye may be all that is required to restore clear comfortable vision again. Candidates usually are former contact lens wearers so have little trouble adapting to the Ortho k lenses.

Optometrist Jaimin Patel is a contact lens specialist approved by Nocturnal Lenses to treat patients with Ortho K to correct their vision overnight.

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