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As time goes on, our eyes undergo changes that are quite predictable. Usually, our near vision becomes less clear and things may become out of focus. That’s why it is important to ensure that you have regular eye checks. At Vision Eyecare we have a selection of eyecare products that can address a whole range of eyesight issues without having a huge impact on your lifestyle.

When you attend an eye examination with us, we will carefully examine your eyes, identifying any visual problems that may arise in addition to checking for issues that can affect the health of the eyes such as cataracts, glaucoma and diabetes as well as other eye conditions.

Advanced Eyecare, No More Puffer!

Our eyecare office is equipped with the latest OCT technologies which allow us to offer a more advanced eye examination which enables early diagnosis of eye conditions before they cause serious problems to your vision.

What’s more, you don’t have to endure the discomfort of the puffer machine. Our eye pressure technology eliminates the need for this uncomfortable eye check, and it will allow us to take a much more accurate reading of your eyes too. We have been using the iCare tonometer since 2010 and it continues to prove popular with our patients.

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Our Friendly Team

All of our regular eye examinations are free for over 60s so there’s no excuse for putting off your regular eye tests.

Once your examination is complete, our optometrist will explain the results of the examination and our experienced dispensing team will help you choose and decide the right eyewear for your prescription if this is needed. We will help you look and feel the best that you possibly can.

To find out more about our eye examinations, to book or to ask a question, do not hesitate to contact our team and we will provide all of the details that you need.



After graduating from Cardiff University in 1997 Jaimin completed his pre-registration training in the Conquest Hospital, Sussex. Jaimin then spent 9 months working for a ‘big-chain’ high street Opticians which left him feeling disillusioned with the ‘conveyor belt’ system in operation. He decided to work for an independent practice for the following 4 years and preferred their patient-focused approach to healthcare.

From 2004 until this present day Jaimin has been working as an owner/optometrist of a community independent practice in Perivale. With a Professional Certificate in Glaucoma and 7 years experience in Moorfields Eye Hospital’s Glaucoma Clinic, Jaimin is extremely proficient at identifying early signs of glaucoma and monitoring the progression of the disease.

What Our Patients Say

Don’t take our word for it . Our testimonials speak for themselves.