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Between the ages of 25 and 45 our eyes have usually stabilised and any prescriptions that you may need will have settled in too. That said, changes to the eyes can occur at any stage in our lives and are not just limited to childhood or the elderly. The eyes can alter for a whole host of reasons and this is why consistent eye care and examinations are important.

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Our modern, active lifestyles, increased levels of stress and access to screens for long periods of the day can all place an increasing strain on our eyes over the long term. All of this strain can result in problems such as blurred vision, eye strain, glare and headaches. When you attend an eye examination with us, we will conduct a variety of checks including binocular vision, ocular health, visual field checks and pressures where this is appropriate. We will also assess your prescription if you are currently wearing glasses or contact lenses.

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Visual and lifestyle needs will be discussed and then our expert team will outline your options in clear, easy to understand language so you can choose the next steps. If your eyes are found to be ok, then we will give advice on how to maintain your eye health and remind you to contact us if your eyesight changes or you experience any problems.

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After graduating from Cardiff University in 1997 Jaimin completed his pre-registration training in the Conquest Hospital, Sussex. Jaimin then spent 9 months working for a ‘big-chain’ high street Opticians which left him feeling disillusioned with the ‘conveyor belt’ system in operation. He decided to work for an independent practice for the following 4 years and preferred their patient-focused approach to healthcare.

From 2004 until this present day Jaimin has been working as an owner/optometrist of a community independent practice in Perivale. With a Professional Certificate in Glaucoma and 7 years experience in Moorfields Eye Hospital’s Glaucoma Clinic, Jaimin is extremely proficient at identifying early signs of glaucoma and monitoring the progression of the disease.

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