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Quick Service

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Contact Lenses

As we are an Independent Practice we have a fantastic variety of types and brands of contact lenses. Our expertise will ensure you find the right type of contact lens to suit you and your lifestyle.

Soft contact lenses & Dailies

These have the advantage of being easy to wear, providing good comfort without a long period of adaptation. Older hydrogel materials (a mixture of water and plastic polymers) are now being superseded by silicone hydrogel materials, a development introducing silicone into the plastic matrix. These provide up to five times the oxygen permeability of the older lens materials allowing the eye to breathe more easily and promote better eye health while wearing lenses.

Toric soft lenses can correct astigmatism and multifocal lenses may help those over 40’s who experience reading difficulty.

  1. Daily disposables

    Daily Disposable – A popular option as easier to get used to, no hassle with cleaning.  Technological advances have meant that even complex prescriptions can be fitted into dailies with great comfort and vision.  Applies to all ages – the youngest we have fitted was 6 years old!

    Worried that you may run out and not enough time to order, not to worry Vision eyecare provides Direct debit schemes so you will never have to worry about ordering lenses. Our schemes come with many benefits, call to find out more information. 

  2. Question 2

    Coming Soon!!!!

Monthly Disposable

Monthly disposable lenses are those who are full-time wearers, virtually ANY prescription can be corrected and with our great range of lens suppliers that are not usually available to all high street opticians. As an independent we are able to source out different types of contact lenses, so don’t feel that your prescription is too complex. 

Toric Lenses:  For the “rugby ball eyes” (astigmatism).  Usually told that they are not suitable but we get great results, even with patients that have been unsuccessful with complex hospital prescriptions.


Who said there is a age restriction for contact lenses. There are now multifocal contact lenses, no more struggling with playing sports and reading menus. 

Multifocal lenses have been designed to correct your distance vision but at the same time they will correct the reading prescription, sounds amazing right you now can have your cake and eat it too. Book yourself an appointment at vision eyecare.

Never worn lenses before, not to worry we will show you how to insert and remove the lenses. You are never too young to learn something new. 

Vision eyecare team takes time making sure we find the perfect lenses for you, this may take a few trials but guess what the trial lenses won’t cost you a thing, so what are you waiting for book yourself in.






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