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Finding that your arms not long enough? Tired, dry eyes?

Don’t worry, it’s very common to experience this, it means you are getting younger😉.

Vision Eyecare have a great range of products that can solve these problems without compromising your lifestyle. Our eye exam will identify visual problems as well as checking the health of the eyes, including cataract, glaucoma, diabetes in addition to many other eye conditions. 

Investing in the latest OCT technology enables us to do this at a higher level, bringing the eye exam into the 21st Century.

No more Puffer!  Our eye pressure machine will not blow a puff of air into your eyes, so no sudden shock and you get a more accurate reading too.  We have used the iCare tonometer since 2010 and our patients love it!

If you are lucky to be 60 or over – your regular eye exam will be covered by the NHS. 

Our optometrist will discuss your results with our talented dispensing team to help you look, see and feel the best you can.

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