Say Goodbye to Glasses and hello to clear vision.

What is Orthokeratology? (Ortho-K)

- OrthoK literally means "straightening the cornea"
- Wear an RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) contact lens at night that gently reshapes/flattens the cornea
- Wake up to crisp, clear vision that lasts the whole day
- Corrects up to -5.00 Dioptres of shortsightedness and low levels of astigmatism.
- Treatment is then repeated each night to "top up" the vision
- Shown to manage myopic progression which makes it ideal for children whose eyes are deteriorating.

Overnight Vision Correction Enjoy freedom without glasses - crisp, clear vision - all day long! No glasses or contact lenses worn in the daytime, and fully reversible.

How does OrthoK work?

- Gently flattens the surface cells of the cornea which are 20 microns deep (less than the thickness of a human hair)
- The treatment is fully reversible so if you stop wearing the lenses your eyes go back to their original shape
- Easy to handle, full tuition provided. Ideal for new and existing contact lens wearers

Overnight Vision Correction As easy as ABC ..... simply insert at night, remove in the morning, and wake up to a world of sharp, clear and natural vision

Who can wear Ortho-K?

- Shortsighted (myopic) patients up to -5.00 Dioptres, with mild to moderate astigmatism
- Great for myopia management - ideal for children with eyes that are deteriorating. Potentially stop your child's eyes from getting worse
- No lenses worn in the daytime so great for dry eye patients with underperforming soft contact lenses
- Fully reversible with long term safety record
- Great for people that like the idea of laser surgery but don't want the clinical risks that go with it

Overnight Vision Correction Retain an active lifestyle - children and adults. Great for Myopia management - Dry eyes - No Surgical Risks

What's Next?

- Book your Initial Assessment (30-40mins) - see if you are suitable
- Initial Fitting appointment and handling tutorial (up to 60mins)
- 1-day follow-up - expect up to 2 Dioptres of correction. Your old glasses will be too strong already.
- 1-week follow-up - No glasses needed by this stage
- 3-week follow-up - Prescription usually stable and fully corrected. Sometimes a modification is needed - this is done at no extra charge
- 6-week follow-up - FINAL CORRECTION - ongoing follow-up is done on a 6 or 12 monthly basis as per clinical needs

Overnight Vision Correction Book in for your FREE initial assessment