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It’s so important that we look after our children’s eye health, don’t wait for them to complain, book them an appointment with Vision Eyecare. A good age to start is 4-5 however if you are noticing that your child is struggling and is younger than 4 contact us for advice. Children under the age of 16 are covered under the NHS.  

If you are a child you may not realise the world is blurry because that becomes the ‘new normal’ for children. They may not see definitions on tree leaves and they may think that is how a tree must look like. The epidemic for an increase in prescription has significantly increase over the years and it is continuing to do so due to the increase usage of electronics at home and even at school. Studies have showed that by the years 2050 half the population will become myopic (short sighted).

Don’t wait for there to be a visual problem, it’s important that we check and find any issues early for us to try and correct them. There are many issues that can occur at a young age for example Amblyopia ( lazy eye) this can be corrected if we catch it at the right age and if the child has regular eye checks. Myopic (short sighted) this can be corrected with glasses, however Vision Eyecare doesn’t just stop at glasses, we want to prevent the eyes getting worse so we have invested in new technology. Many of our patients who are myopic are wearing OrthoK contact lenses, visit the page for more information or call in store to speak to our qualified team for more information. 

Children’s eye test can be slightly different from adults, as some children may not be able to read yet, but not to worry Vision Eyecare has the equipment and technology to achieve accurate results. 

We know that some children are scared or find it overwhelming to have an eye exam, but Vision Eyecare make the process child friendly and fun for the kids. 

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