Say Goodbye to Glasses and hello to clear vision.

What is Orthokeratology? (Ortho-K)

If you find glasses problematic or you just don’t like them, our Orthokeratology solution might be for you. Orthokeratology or Ortho-K is a technique that specialises in fitting specially designed, gas permeable contact lenses that are worn at night. While you sleep, these lenses will gently reshape the cornea (the front surface of the eye). When you wake the next day, you will be able to see clearly once the lenses are removed.

There are two main reasons why Ortho-K lenses are prescribed:

  • To correct refractive issues such as myopia or short/near-sightedness
  • To reduce and in potentially STOP the progression of childhood and teenage short sightedness (myopia)

It also corrects up to 5 Dioptres of short-sightedness and low levels of astigmatism.

Ortho-K Key Features

Orth-K literally means ‘straightening the cornea’

Patients who are prescribed the lenses will wear a Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) contact lens throughout the night that will subtly flatten the cornea

Wake up to crisp, clear vision that lasts the whole day

Corrects up to Dioptres of short-sightedness and low levels of astigmatism

The treatment is repeated each night to “top up” the vision

Shown to manage myopic progression which makes it ideal for children whose eyes are deteriorating

Overnight Vision Correction Enjoy the freedom without glasses. Crisp, clear vision, all day long. No need for contact lenses or glasses in the day.

How does OrthoK work?

Gently flattens the surface cells of the cornea which are 20 microns deep (less than the thickness of a human hair)

The treatment is fully reversible so if you stop wearing the lenses your eyes go back to their original shape

Easy to use and apply, you will be taught how to apply the lenses to the surface of the eye. Perfect for those who currently wear contact lenses

Overnight Vision Correction As easy as ABC... Simply insert at night, remove in the morning, and wake up to a world of sharp, clear and natural vision

Who can wear Ortho-K?

The Ortho-K lenses are suitable for a whole range of patients including:

Short-sighted (myopic) patients up to -5.00 Dioptres, with mild to moderate astigmatism

Great for myopia management, making them ideal for children with deteriorating eyesight. These lenses can potentially stop your child’s eyesight from worsening

Removes the requirement for lenses to be worn during the day making them an excellent choice for patients with dry eyes or those who suffer from underperforming regular contact lenses

Fully reversible with long term safety record, simply stop using the lenses and your eyes will return to normal

Great for people that like the idea of laser surgery but feel uncomfortable with the associated risks

Overnight Vision Correction Retain an active lifestyle - children and adults. Great for Myopia management - Dry eyes - No Surgical Risks

What's Next?

If you think that the Ortho-K lenses might be a good fit for you, the next steps will include:

1. Booking your initial assessment which will take between 30 and 40 minutes. This assessment will determine whether the lenses will be suitable for you
2. Where patients are approved for Ortho-K, you will be asked to attend an initial fitting appointment which will also include a handling tutorial. This will take up to an hour.
3. You will the be invited to a one day follow up appointment. You should expect up to 2 Dioptres of correction. Existing glasses that you may have on prescription may be too strong to wear.
4. A one week follow up appointment will be made where you won’t need to use any glasses
5. The next appointment is three weeks later where your prescription will usually be stable and fully corrected. A modification may be needed and if this is required, you won’t have to incur any further
6. Patients are invited to a further appointment at six weeks which will where any final corrections are made.
7. After your 6 week follow up there will be a series of follow ups on a 6 or 12 month basis as clinically required.

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