KODAK BluProtect Lens

KODAK BluProtect Lens

Blue light reflective glasses offer a new generation of lens technology. We know how important it is to protect our eyes from UV rays, but what about the effects of blue light rays?

A huge spectrum of coloured light rays make up sunlight, or white light, and each of these rays has different wavelengths and carries different levels of energy. Blue light rays carry some of the highest amounts of energy when compared to other light rays in the visible spectrum, and this has been linked to impact on our circadian rhythm. In other words, the internal body clock that controls our sleep and wake cycles.

Designed to filter out unwanted blue light

Blue light rays are present everywhere. They travel from the sun through our atmosphere, and they can also be found in artificial light sources, such as tablets and mobile phones, although on a much lower level. Some research has suggested that using screens around bedtime can disrupt our sleep patterns. Although this might not be the only reason we struggle to sleep at night, KODAK BluProtect Lens has been specifically designed with this in mind.

Better contrast and visual definition

KODAK BluProtect Lenses are designed to filter out unwanted blue light rays and allow light wavelengths that help regulate a healthy sleep cycle to pass through. They’re designed to efficiently manage light and make viewing over longer periods of time more comfortable, whilst increasing visual contrast. Objects are better defined, leaving you with clearer and sharper vision, and hopefully a great night’s sleep.

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