KODAK SoftWear Lens

KODAK SoftWear Lens

Kodak SoftWear lens are the best varifocal lenses for occupations and hobbies requiring close vision. When you spend lots of time focusing on close visual tasks it can put a lot of strain on your eyes. That’s where KODAK SoftWear Lenses are designed to help. We’ve created them specifically to relieve the symptoms of eye strain that commonly occur in an office environment, or when you’re concentrating on indoor visual tasks.

For doing what you love, every day

We use special technology to produce KODAK SoftWear Lenses. They are our best varifocal lenses, also known as progressive lenses, to support your vision at near and intermediate distances. They also have an extra wide field of view for better image stability and less visual distortion.

So, whether you’re working at a computer, sewing or cooking, KODAK SoftWear Lenses are perfect for doing what you love every day. Call us to book an eye test today.

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