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Good eyecare starts in childhood. It is so important that we take care of our children’s eye health from the earliest possible stage. Eye problems in children can sometimes go undetected for many years because they believe that their vision, even if it is poor is the norm. Don’t wait for your child to raise an issue with their eyes, book them regular eye check-ups. The ideal time to start is between the ages of four and five, typically when they start school. That said, you might notice that your child is struggling with their sight before this time and if you do, we strongly recommend that you contact us as your expert optician for advice. The cost of eyecare is met by the NHS for all children under the age of 16 years.

Children don’t always realise that there is a problem with their eyesight, particularly if things aren’t as focused as they should be, or things are slightly blurry. Things that they may struggle with if there is a problem with their eyes include difficulty making out the finer details on tree leaves or noticing other details in their environment.

The use of screens is on the increase and this has a direct impact on the eyesight of our children making regular eye checks an essential part of your child’s healthcare routine. Studies have shown that by 2050, half of the population will become myopic. This essentially means that they are short sighted which is an alarming problem.

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Never wait for there to be a problem with your child’s vision, it is important to check regularly for any changes and to detect any issues as early as possible. The earlier an issue is identified, the easier it may be to correct it.

There are lots of issues that can occur amongst children and young people such as Amblyopia (lazy eye). This can be corrected if it is caught at the right age, but only if your child has regular eye examinations. Myopia or short sightedness can be corrected with the use of glasses.

Our services extend much further than simply supplying glasses for our patients. One of our main aims is to prevent eye problems or at the very least stop them from worsening over time. To do this we have invested in some of the most advanced technologies in our optician office to bring you and your children the latest eye testing techniques and technologies.

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Children’s eye tests can vary slightly when compared to adult tests because some children may not yet be able to read. Where this is the case, Vision Eyecare will use a suite of technologies and tools to achieve the most accurate results.

We know that children can find an eye examination scary or they can sometimes become overwhelmed with all of the equipment and surroundings, but our experienced team at Vision Eyecare will make the process as fun and child friendly as possible, creating a relaxed environment and a great experience for children.

To book your child’s eye appointment or discuss a concern that you may have about your child’s eyesight, contact our qualified team today.



After graduating from Cardiff University in 1997 Jaimin completed his pre-registration training in the Conquest Hospital, Sussex. Jaimin then spent 9 months working for a ‘big-chain’ high street Opticians which left him feeling disillusioned with the ‘conveyor belt’ system in operation. He decided to work for an independent practice for the following 4 years and preferred their patient-focused approach to healthcare.

From 2004 until this present day Jaimin has been working as an owner/optometrist of a community independent practice in Perivale. With a Professional Certificate in Glaucoma and 7 years experience in Moorfields Eye Hospital’s Glaucoma Clinic, Jaimin is extremely proficient at identifying early signs of glaucoma and monitoring the progression of the disease.

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