Vision 4 Life

Full cover for just £19 a month!

Introducing Vision 4 Life, an innovative eyecare subscription plan designed to provide you with a lifetime of exceptional vision and comprehensive eye health support.

Why Choose V4L?

  • 90% of visual loss is preventable and can be treated. Our world-class eyecare package will give you peace of mind against this happening to you.
  • The NHS sight test first came into being in 1958 and now no longer harnesses the potential of modern technology. V4L bridges this gap and makes advanced eye care accessible and affordable for all.
  • Never delay looking after your eyes due to the high cost of eyecare and spectacles. See, feel and look your best all year.
  • We have many pairs of shoes for different environments, but often only one pair of spectacles. V4L eliminates cost being the obstacle.
  • With our V4L subscription, your eye health is in the hands of experienced professionals, committed to your visual well-being, at an affordable monthly price.

V4L Membership Includes:

  • Advanced eye exam with 3D OCT retinal scan every 18 months.
  • Unlimited Half price on all spectacles.
  • Eyecare on demand, whenever needed – including OCT retinal scan.
  • Upgrade your vision every 18 months with a free pair of spectacles, including varifocals for as long as you are a member of V4L.
  • 12-month Prescription guarantee (any change over 0.50DS).



Peace of mind

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