What Are Nightlenses?

Vision Eyecare are proud fitters of the revolutionary Night Lenses!

NIGHT LENSES are contact lenses that you pop in at bedtime, your sight is corrected naturally while you sleep – and then you wake to perfect 20/20 vision! Simply remove in the morning and have a normal day without needing daytime lenses, glasses or laser surgery.

The effect lasts for 24 hours, you just repeat every night. Simple!

Pop in the lenses at night

Wake up with 20/20 vision - remove lenses

Repeat Every night

How Do Nightlenses Work?

The process is called Orthokeratology, so medically these are known as ‘Ortho-K’ lenses. Myopia (short sight) makes the eye more like an oval rugby ball, not a round ball. So the light focuses in the wrong place, causing blur. Every night your cornea (outer layer of your eyeball) naturally sheds it’s outer layer of cells. While you sleep the new cells form into the mould of your custom fit night lens, creating a ‘round’ eye that focuses perfectly. Remove the lenses in the morning to clear sight. No need for glasses, daytime lenses or laser eye surgery. The process is harmless and reverses every night – simply repeat every night as part of your routine just as you would with daytime lenses.

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