KODAK Drive Lens

KODAK Drive Lens

You don’t have to have a separate pair of spectacles to enjoy the benefit of night driving glasses. Did you know that 48% of us feel impacted by glare when driving?* When you’re behind a steering wheel, your vision needs to be in top condition. That’s why we’ve created the KODAK Drive Lens. It’s brilliant for all day use, and perfect for wearing at night as it reduces reflectance by up to 90%. This means it’s a great choice for night-time drives, as it significantly reduces distracting glare from vehicles, traffic and street lights.

Perfect for night-time driving

There’s evidence to suggest that modern headlights are brighter than they have ever been. The use of LED lights in car headlights is very popular with modern car manufacturers due to their energy efficiency compared to traditional halogen bulbs which have a softer more yellow tone to the light.

LED light is more directional. Rather than being a big spread of light which comes from a halogen bulb, LED light is more focused. It is also a traditionally brighter light which appears to be blue-white in colour, hence why it appears brighter in the dark

The rise in drivers feeling dazzled by headlights is probably down to this shift in technology and now it is time for lens technology to try and address this problem with night driving glasses.

KODAK Drive Lenses are twice as effective as standard reflection-free lenses.

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*Source: 2002 Vision impact study

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