Kodak Unique 2 Lens

KODAK Unique 2 Lens

New to the KODAK Lens varifocal range the KODAK Unique II lens offers you versatility as well as clarity, at all viewing angles and distance. If you are looking for an excellent visual experience look no further.

Using the latest technologies available to the market, the KODAK Unique II lens eliminates the need to switch between two pairs of glasses. It maximises viewing within the reading area, great news for so many of us who are increasing the amount of time we view information on a screen of a mobile digital device; whether this be a computer, tablet or smartphone. Research found that 63% of adults use digital devices up to 9 hours a day, with smartphone users expected to reach 2.5 billion worldwide in 2019*.

What is Dynamic Reading Optimisation™ technology?

Dynamic Reading Optimisation™ is an advanced lens technology that improves the near distance viewing. It is aimed at overcoming the demand today’s digital world places upon your vision, by improving near distance viewing over prolonged periods of time, but without compromising the clarity of intermediate or far distance viewing.

Why choose the KODAK Unique II Lens?

If you are looking to improve your reading zone viewing whilst ensuring crisp intermediate and distance vision, KODAK Unique II Lenses will offer you a great solution. Providing clear and sharp horizontal vision across the lens, the KODAK Unique II mitigates blurring experienced when moving your head from side to side, often referred to as the ‘swim’ effect. Reduced distortion creates a smooth, natural viewing experience ensuring wearer comfort.

Using a number of precise measurements, the KODAK Unique II Lens is tailored to suit most frame types. By making your lenses thinner and lighter or completing with our KODAK Clean & CleAR lens finish you are able to customise your lens to your lifestyle.

To find out more about this fantastic new varifocal or how KODAK progressive lenses can benefit you, contact us now.

*Stats provided by Statista.

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