Kodak Unique Lens

KODAK Unique Lens

We know that when you’re looking for a new pair of glasses, you’re looking for sharp vision across all viewing distances. Our KODAK Unique Lens is a varifocal, that offers great value for money, as our KODAK Unique varifocal lens prices include the very latest technology to not only make them lighter and thinner but also sharper. Varifocal lenses are also known as a progressive lens, which provides clear vision at any distance, so it’s perfect for viewing anything. From movie screens to menus and everything in between, this lens has got you covered.

Clear vision right to the edge of the lens

We’ve designed KODAK Unique Lens specifically to feature a sharper transition between distance, intermediate and near vision. It offers improved image stability, which provides sharper horizontal vision when moving your head side to side. KODAK Unique Lenses also benefit from being produced digitally, which allows a wider viewing area with an excellent field of vision right to the very edge of the lens.

Everything you need in one pair of glasses

If you want to combine visual needs in one pair of glasses, KODAK Unique Lens is a great solution. The lenses are thinner and lighter for improved visual appearance, and they fit a huge variety of frame styles to help you create your perfect look!

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